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Induction Heating Systems

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What is induction heating?

induction heating systems

Induction heating is a process used to heat metals thanks to an electromagnetic field generated by alternating currents circulating in a solenoid.

Faraday-Neumann’s law describes in a general way, the phenomenon.  An alternating electromagnetic field induces an electromotive force, which generates induced currents that flow along a metal body, placed inside the magnetic field

These eddy currents dissipate energy in the form of heat, thanks to the Joule effect, and heat the body without having any physical contact.

The Solenoid is an Inductor coil and it is powered by a Medium or High Frequency Converter.

Power and frequency of generator and the geometry of inductor are designed according to the geometry of the metal body to be heated, temperature to be reached, heating time, type of metal, depth of treatment, etc. This has been taught to us by science.

SELIT srl designs and builds generators able of providing high power even at high frequency. Thanks to its technology, SELIT provides the right frequency generator for the most varied applications without having to compromise and perfectly meets the target.

our solutions for your induction heating of metals

SELIT has the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification to design, manufacture and repair of induction heating systems for industrial applications.

advantages of induction heating
induction heating systems

The main feature of the induction heating process is that heat is generated inside the object itself, not from an external heat source.

For this reason the object heats up quickly without any physical contact.

Induction Heating provides the following advantages:

  • Energy Saving: Energy is channelled only on the material without any dispersion into the environment;

  • High speed: Heating is instantaneous at process start;

  • Temperature accuracy: Digital control with microprocessors;

  • Accuracy in the location of the heating: The inductor is designed using mathematical models;

  • Process quality: HMI (Human Machine Interface) management guarantees process repeatability;

  • Safety and protection: No flames or fuels are used;

  • Environmental protection: No gas is burned or emitted.

SELIT srl has always focused on continuous research and development in the application of induction heating in order to obtain the best results and efficiency at sustainable costs.

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