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Induction Heating Service

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technical maintenance

The maintenance of induction heating systems, like all special machines, requires specific knowledge and professionalism. In a frequency converter there are several simultaneous technical disciplines of physics, such as electrical engineering, control electronics, power electronics, cooling hydraulics, control thermo-techniques. For this reason it must be entrusted to experts in the trade.

SELIT is able to perform ordinary and extraordinary technical maintenance on the systems of any manufacturer. In addition, our corporate philosophy is to share knowledge and transfer it to the technicians assigned to the customer so that they can operate the induction plant.

of systems

Overhaul of any manufacturer’s systems. The power electronics components of generators, even if they are decades old, can still be easily serviced; the control electronics is generally  considered outdated after many years. By replacing it with SELIT’s control electronics, you can obtain a system which is much more reliable and has a better performance than the original one.

SELIT’s control electronics is constantly updated in its components, always maintaining compatibility with previous versions, also by virtue of the modular setting that makes its use suitable for both the 10 kW and 6,000 kW generators; in this way you can be sure to always have spare parts for any extraordinary maintenance.

Inductor coils

Inductors are the nerve centre of an induction heating furnace. This is why it should be entrusted to those who have full knowledge of it. SELIT designs and builds new heating inductor coils and overhauls the inductors of any manufacturer.

SELIT’s service ensures:

  • Experience and professionalism
  • Quality materials
  • Rapid execution of work
  • Competitive Costs
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