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the heart of induction heating | the power frequency converters

The selitech line

Heavy industry experience applied to the light one.

After a long and consolidated experience in designing and manufacturing of very high power induction heating systems, up to 6000kW in a single unit and 42MW in multiple units, Selit is pleased to present the new SELITECH line.

SELITECH line is fully designed and produced in Italy using the latest technologies.
It is proposed as an universal solution perfectly adaptable to specific applications.

This is also thanks to a wide range of working frequencies, from 2kHz to 250kHz as well as to the wide range of powers, from 15kW up to 150kW.
Very soon it will be available up to 300kW.

Its applications:

  • Hardening and Tempering
  • Warm and Hot forming
  • Melting
  • Welding
  • Shrink fitting
  • Brazing
  • Bonding
  • Longitudinal welding of steel pipe
  • Weld annealin
  • Electrical cable producing
  • Laboratory researching

why choosing selitech

induction heating converters
  • cabinet

    • It’s assembled in a strong steel frame containing all electrical and electronic equipment.
    • The SELITECH 15-70 cabinet is common for the whole range (from 15 to 70kW), as well as the SELITECH 70-150 for its range (from 70 to 150kW).
    • It is varnished in double color, light grey RAL7035 and dark grey RAL7024.
  • Power circuit

    • The power supply is equipped with power components of the latest SIC technology. They offer the best energy benefits, such as high efficiency.
    • It is based on the principle of the parallel circuit, which unlike the series circuit, always maintains the yield at the maximum possible values, which translates into considerable energy savings, thus saving money.
    • Power absorption from the main electrical network is smooth and gradual, without peaks and risks of over-absorption.
    • The absorption regardless of the power of the heater, will always be limited to that actually required by the heating process. It is adjustable from 1%, step by step up to 100%.
  • Components

    • The whole SELITECH line, regardless of the power and frequency ranges, uses almost all components and printed circuits (PCB) in common, making the supply of spare parts in stock easier, cheaper, and more advantageous.
    • The control unit and the output head are connected to each other with quick-connect cables and pipes that make disconnection simple and immediate.
    • The electronic controller, by several microprocessors, guarantees a perfect control of the power and an excellent performance
  • Friendly HMI

    • All machine settings are performed from a very friendly 5,7” touch screen operator panel to ensure maximum heating precision and high reliable repeatability over time.
    • It provides excellent monitoring of all machine parameters and alarms, very useful in preventive maintenance.
  • Flexible universal interface

    • A gateway, both wired and digital such as PROFIBUS / PROFINET standard, is available for interfacing with automated systems and industrial networks. So, all process variables can be interchanged, such as power, frequency, parts temperature, power set point, and more.
    • Over an Internet network access, can be connected to our technical service centre, to be tested and repaired.
    • The equipment is ready to meet the Industry 4.0 standard
wide range of options, total range of service
induction heating systems

SELITECH can be supplied with a wide range of specifically designed useful options:

  • Inductor Coil

  • Cooling Unit

  • Pyrometer

  • Inductor’s three-axis positioner

  • Quality Controller

  • Laboratory researches

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